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Digital Marketing Boot Camp
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You're Going to Learn
Strategies to Grow for Long Term Success
Strategies to build Successful WEbsites, Landing Pages & Online Ads
Learn the Strategy and concepts to run successful online marketing campaigns.
Build authentic social Media Following
Don't Buy Subscribers, Likes and Followers, they will not make you money or successful. 

Learn How to Build An Authentic Audience. Don't Fall for Fluff 
Learn to Master Your Mind
Knowledge is off no use if your mindset and focus is wrong. 

Let me Show methods I learned from my mentors to control the unruly mind. 
  • Learn How to Grow Long Term - Business is a Marathon and Sprint, Not one or the other. 
  • Learn Core Principles of Marketing & Human Psychology - What makes you react to a post or click on something?
  • Learn Strategies to Scale, Grow, Syndicate, Automate, and Influence with your Brand and Business.  
  • Always Remember: You have to Provide Real Value and Experience to your Customers. 
Student of Marketing 
" My training in Digital Marketing course at Sai Seed Academy is highly practical with hands-on projects. My trainer (Sai) is very professional and friendly. I strongly recommend Sai's Seed Seed Academy as an institution par excellence for Digital Marketing course"
-Shajahan, Designer at heart & Trade
Student of Marketing 
" Great experience working with the team, Top notch teaching skills and tools...Definitely bound to succeed..With love from Nigeria"
-Geo Jax, Marketer & Branch Manager 
Student of Marketing & Sales 
" if you need to get in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing, your one stop solution would be Seed Succeed Academy. Kudos to Sai (Trainer)"
-Vijay, Sales Executive Manager
Business Owner 
" Had a lengthy session of learning, where I was exposed to a plethora of knowledge.
Knowledge, Skill and Strategies takes time to acquire and formulate. No better place to learn them!"
-Randy Alstone -  CEO of Chess Athletes 
Course Investment #Price
For Freshers - Crash Course
inclusive of GST 
  • Duration 1 Month
  • Learn Essentials
  • Discover Tools
  • 1 Year Access to Unlisted Videos & Content
  • 1 Free Bonus worth $1200 (Rs.80,000)  to Lucky Student(s)
  • Free Tshirts & Accessories
  • Certification
Professional Course
inclusive of GST
  • Duration 1~3 Months
  • Hands on Step-by-Step Training
  • Live Projects
  • Access to Industry Grade Tools Worth Over $10,000 (Rs. 6 Lakhs+)
  • Free Tool(s) worth $1200 (Rs.80,000) for Personal Use for Life 
    (Depends on Stock & Availability)
  • 1 Free Website for Personal / Business Use for 1 year with Global CDN & Free SSL
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Members Only Forum & Groups
  • Free Tshirts & Accessories
  • Certification
Strategy Session - 1 on 1 Coaching
For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Know What Not to Do 
  • Strategies & Steps
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Web Session
  • 1 Year Access to How to Videos for Your Team
inclusive of GST
  • Duration 2 Weeks to 1 Month Approx.
  • Website Design & Development 
  • Multisite Management
  • Global CDN & SSL Certificate
  • Free Bonuses to Lucky Students
  • Free Tshirts & Accessories
  • Certification
Social Media Mastery
inclusive of GST
  • Duration 2 Weeks to 1 Month Approx.
  • YouTube SEO & Management
  • Social Media Monetization 
  • Social Media Automation
  • Content Creation Strategies
  • 1 Free Bonuses to Lucky Students
  • Free Tshirts & Accessories
  • Certification
Core Curriculum
"Social Media & Internet Marketing is NOT a Cheat Code in a Video Game."
  • Digital Marketing Landscape:
    - History of Marketing & Internet. 
    - Where things were, And where things are Heading Towards.
    - Difference Between Traditional & Digital Marketing
    - Tools that are available  
  • 'How To' Lessons: 
    - Building Websites
    - Buying Domain Names
    - Choosing Hosting Services (Pros and Cons)
    - Acquiring SSL Certificate #ForFREE
    - Build Websites (Using Wordpress, ClickFunnels, Unbounce and more)  
    - Themes and Marketing Optimizations
    - Mobile Friendliness
    - Building Ecommerce Sites and its drawbacks and maintenance.
    - Building Shopify Ecommerce Store
    - Website Integrations
    - Global CDN 
    - Setting up Cache
    - Page Builders 
    - Payment Gateway Setup
    - Building Sales Funnels
  • - Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
    - Setting Up Google Adsense 
    - Setting Up Social Media Accounts
    - Setting Up Gsuite Account
    - Google Search Console (webmaster Tools)
    - Natural SEO Approach 
    - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Building Email Lists
    - Setting up SMTP & Transaction Emails
    - Email Marketing & Automation + Available Tools 
    - Email List Maintenance 
  • - Zapier & IFTTT 
    - Social Media Automation 
  • - Facebook Pixel Code Tracking 
    - Facebook Ads
    - Google Ads & PPC

    - ReTargeting & ReMarketing Campaigns
    - Understand Traffic #Visitors
    - A / AB / B Testing
    - Landing Page Creation + Tools
  • Publishing
    - Video Editing Tutorials
    - Photo Editing Tips & Templates
  • - Hosting a Podcast & Broadcasting
    - Starting a YouTube Channel 
    - YouTube SEO
    - YouTube Optimization 
    - Making $$ with YouTube
    - Leveraging Social Media
    - Social Media Management
  • Starting a Blog & SEO
    - Content Creation Formula
    - Getting Ideas for Your Blog 
    - On Page & OFF Page Optimization
    - Cross- linking
    - Backlinking 
    - 301 Redirect 
    - Indexing
    - SEO Maintenance
  • Using Tools for Optimization 
    - GTMetrix 
  • Market Research 
    - Surveying 
    - Keyword Research 
    - Competitor Analysis
  • Copy Writing Essentials
  • Branding 
  • Outsourcing Work 
  • Understanding Customer Psychology
  • Getting Hired & Positioning
  • Amazon Strategies
  • Market Guidance & So Much More
  • Strategies to Success
Limited Time Bonuses
Free Bonus to All Students
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Course Fees?
Click here to view. Note: Prices are Subject to Change like in Colleges.
What is the Course Duration?
Depending on Selection anywhere from 1 Month to 6 Months, depending on your speed and level of learning.
Is this Online or Offline Course?
Both. You can Come & Learn at the Academy, or Take the Online Live Class, or Alternatively, Access the Video Modules. 
Do I need to have any Prior technical knowledge? like Java, HTML etc.
NOPE. You don't need any prior technical knowledge. 
Do I get Support After Finishing the Course?
Yes, our teachers will help you with any doubts or troubles you may come across. All within reason. 
Is there a Refund Policy?
No, refunds are not entertained. 
Is there any EMI or Part Payment Options? 
Visit the Academy to Discuss Further. Shortanswer Maybe.
I don't have time to learn everything, I only need guidance, what should I do?
Get Consulting Rs.10,000/Session for small businesses. 
How to access Free Lessons?
Free lessons are emailed with link. Be sure to add in your contacts. 
Payment Options?
Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Check, Online Payment and Cash direct to academy. 
Can I work from Home After Taking this course?
Yes, you can start to work from home as a Freelancer. Our Advice is to stick to your current job and do this as a side Hustle. Build Momentum.
Do I get Internship / Job Opportunity? 
Depends on your performance.
When is the current batch opening up?
April First Week. Then Crash Course May. 
When is the last date of joining?
31st March.
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